Triangle Business Coaching has been coaching successful adults for over 15 years. I personally have 20 years of executive experience with such Fortune 500 companies as Westinghouse, Philco-Ford, U.S.Industries, and Kidde, Inc. Our top-notch coaches, consultants and trainers bring invaluable experience and expertise to your issues.

Temple Porter, President

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Who is Temple Porter?

Temple Porter is a Graduate of the prestigious Coach University, and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) from the Institute for Management Consultants (IMC). The CMC designation is awarded to those select consultants who have demonstrated

  • a history of substantive results for clients,
  • adherence to the canon of ethics of the IMC, and
  • professional practice management.

Temple has helped over 500 small business owners keep their businesses running smoothly, and he can do the same for you. As your business coach, he is far enough removed from the business to be objective, but close enough to offer effective support. While you're running your business, Temple has the time and ability to spot trends that might affect your business. He has been doing this successfully for clients for over 15 years.

You and your organization deserve nothing less.

Temple has coached about 500 small-business owners, professionals, corporate executives and career-shifters over the past 15 years. He has a history of results and excellent performance, evidenced by client testimonials, references and repeat business. You can choose Triangle Business Coaching with confidence, knowing that they have passed the toughest certification in the profession—and must maintain that degree of performance, through continued renewal to current global standards.

What is a business coach?

A business coach:

  • is a professional trained in coaching by the leading institutions of personal and business coaching,
  • has been a successful business person in a variety of industries and environments,
  • has a track record of significant achievements in helping others not only in business, but in personal life achievement.
Over the years, Temple has consistently lived up to this defining standard.

What does a business coach do?

A coach is similar to a consultant, but with an important difference: while consulting provides temporary or intermittent solutions, coaching is a consistent, on-going relationship. The coach stays with the client to help implement new skills, handle life or business changes, and achieve goals.

Consulting is about dispensing advice: telling you what you should do. Business Coaching is about helping you discover solutions and carry them through.

Business Coaching is not therapy. Where therapy uses a pathology model to bring understanding and awareness of the past to a client, coaching assumes the client's wellness, and provides support and strategy to create a desirable future.

Coaching is action-based. A business coach is a person you turn to for non-biased advice on business decisions—someone with whom you can check in, to stay focused, to clarify your goals—and then achieve them. They are friends you can trust for advice on virtually any issue from personal challenges to family matters. Their role is to help you succeed at whatever business or personal milestone you set for yourself.

As a business coach, Temple is trained to work with you on the most important aspects of your life and business. He offers a different perspective because of the emotional distance of the professional relationship. He can help you

  • develop the skills,
  • acquire the resources,
  • identify the business opportunities and
  • overcome the challenges
that come with operating and growing a successful enterprise.

Via e-mail and the Internet, telephones and “virtual” meetings, you can be located anywhere in the world and still be supported in the critical success factors driving your personal and business aspirations.

Email Temple directly, anytime, at temple@tricoach.biz. Or, call his office at 919.862.0301 or his cell at 919.264.1155 today—and Temple will answer if he is free. Or, if you prefer, you can simply fill in our contact form on this web site and click submit.

Temple Porter and Triangle Business Coaching can give you a unique advantage, with a personal coaching program customized especially to suit you.

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